This Tech Guy Revealed How Google And Facebook Are Stalking You And It’s Creepy AF

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At this point in our lives, we’re pretty much resigned to the fact that, thanks to technology, we’re basically being stalked by someone or another. We’ve made jokes about the FBI men watching us from our webcams, complain about Facebook listening into our conversations for advertising means, and even discuss the fact that maybe 1984 wasn’t so far off with the whole Big Brother thing. Still, we don’t seem to understand the extent of just how closely companies monitor our behaviors, but we’re finally starting to really grasp how they’re using this information.

Twitter user Dylan Curran decided to lay it all out for the rest of us, and honestly, it’s pretty freaking creepy.

Let’s just say if you’re feeling stalked, you should be.

They know a whole lot about you just by the things you consume online, including social media.

Honestly, at a certain point, the whole thing got a little heinous.

Feeling a little overwhelmed yet? Just think of all the research this guy had to do to find it all. Let’s hope the FBI guy watching through HIS webcam hasn’t narced on him.

Dylan’s not trying to freak you out. Well, maybe he kind of is. But at the end of the day, it’s important that you know what’s happening to your information, and how people are able to access it. Your life isn’t as secure as you think it is, and that’s something everyone should know. TC mark

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