This Professor Expertly Trolled His Student For Using Her Phone During Class And It’s Hilarious

Someone looks at their phone while on the computer
Unsplash / William Iven and Twitter / @elizwsmith

It’s no secret that most professors would probably prefer it if you didn’t use your phone during class. Not only does it distract you from learning, but it’s also pretty distracting for professors when they notice what you’re doing. That’s probably why some teachers have adopted strict phone rules in their classrooms, while others, well, get a bit creative.

Twitter user Lizzy Smith tried to sneak her phone out during a class lecture and immediately received this little surprise from her professor…

LOL. Okay, that’s creepy af but I’m living for it. If only she would have sent her own meme back, it could have been the beginning of a true friendship.

Professors need to up their game and get on this guy’s level. Maybe then they’d finally have their students’ undivided attention (but then again, maybe not). [tc-mart]

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