This ‘Nice Guy’s’ Cringe-y Text To The Woman Who Rejected Him Was Actually Just Quotes From ‘How I Met Your Mother’

A text from a 'nice guy' and ted mosby from How I Met Your Mother
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Oh, ‘nice guys‘ — the modern fuckboy in a bowtie and fedora. I really don’t get why all these self-proclaimed ‘great’ dudes are actually pretty terrible people. Do they not see it, or do they really think they’re doing a service by being a total prick to women who assert their right to say “no” because honestly, maybe they’re not just that into them?

This nice guy struck again when one woman told him that she thought they were moving a little too fast and that she just wasn’t interested in moving forward. He seemed to take it well at first until, a few weeks later, he completely exploded on her.

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Okay, seems pretty dramatic. Almost… Hollywood-ish? Well, it turns out that’s because it is. This dude straight up lifted entire lines from Ted Mosby (aka the whiniest dude in the world) on How I Met Your Mother.

Just look at paragraph two and compare it with this clip:

It turns out, Reddit users found a lot of similarities between the messages and HIMYM.

And apparently that’s not all he stole.

Damn, dude, if you’re gonna be a drama queen, at least don’t plagiarize your own monologue. You seem so much less genuine when you can’t even use your own words.

The woman who actually received the texts found the thread on Reddit and explained her own side of the story more, which only makes Mr. Nice Guy look even worse.

It’s official: men are cancelled. Sorry. TC mark

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Image Credit: Reddit / thelryan and Youtube / Indranil Das

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