This Mom Accidentally Sent Her Son A Hilariously Inappropriate Text And The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

Unsplash / Carl Raw and Twitter / @MikeIsaac

I love anything about parents texting their kids, mostly because most of them are trying so hard to seem cool and savvy and hardly realize that everything they send is tacky or cringeworthy. And sometimes, it’s so accidentally inappropriate you can’t help but laugh your ass off.

Twitter user Mike Isaac’s mom texted him and his brother to let them know they’d be going to the casino for the day, but her text when hilariously wrong when she accidentally sent them a NSFW gif, too.

Here’s a closer look at the messages:

Twitter / @MikeIsaac

That’s when Mike’s mom decided to send them a little preview of how she planned for the night to go… except she didn’t look at the picture too closely before she sent it.

Twitter / @MikeIsaac
Twitter / @MikeIsaac

LMAOO. Let’s just say we all wanna be friends with Mike’s mom now.

Congrats, Mom, you hit the jackpot of epic burns, and that’s worth more than anything money could ever buy. TC mark

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