This Man’s Amazon Echo Started Taking On A Mind Of Its Own And He Tweeted The Whole Creepy Story

Amazon Echo on a white background
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It’s here, it’s finally here: Alexa has begun her slow, subtle takeover of the world. And by Alexa, I mean Amazon Echo, of course. The online personal assistant has become a staple in many households across the U.S., which has alarmed many a paranoid person — and me — because we all know that once people start relying on robots, it’s already the beginning of the end. Come on, haven’t any of you read a sci fi book? Or seen Black Mirror?

Well, I guess the robot uprising is about to commence, because Alexa has started disobeying her owners and being just a creepy little thing in general. One twitter user, Robert Sandy, was particularly spooked when it seemed like Alexa started taking on a mind of its own, so he decided to do what any sane person would do: he tweeted about it.

Yeah, I’d be pretty creeped out too. See, this is why I don’t own an Amazon Echo, because you know if this was a horror movie, I would definitely be the first to die at the hands of an anarchist Alexa.

Well, it was nice knowing you all. When the tables turn and Alexa suddenly becomes your owner, just remember that I said, “I told you so.” TC mark

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