This Couple Got Into A Brutal Public Fight And A Stranger Live-Tweeted The Hilarious Ending

A couple fighting on the street
Unsplash / Linkedin Sales Navigator and Twitter / @DrewBrands44

Why does shit always get so real on St. Patrick’s Day? Maybe it’s because we’re all drunk messes running around trying to figure out how to be even drunker messes. I am about 100% true that’s what happened to this couple, who’s hilarious fight went viral after someone captured it on camera.

Twitter user Drew Brands tweeted the video that he magically captured on camera, and there’s a reason it has over 400k likes — it’s really freaking hilarious.

Let’s just say a lot of people at the scene of the crime were pretty shocked.

But hey, the people on the Internet found the whole thing pretty funny, at least.

Maybe it’s best if y’all just end your relationship there and let it forever be memorialized in its newfound Internet fame. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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