This Artist Turns Old Tea Bags Into Stunning Paintings And People On Twitter Are In Awe

Paintings on tea bags by Ruby Silvious
Twitter / @RubySilvious

It’s one thing to be a good artist; it’s another thing entirely to be a crafty one. But Ruby Silvious manages to be both — not only are her paintings absolutely gorgeous, but they happen to be made entirely from recyclable materials. Namely, tea bags.

That’s right — what some people see as trash becomes a canvas for Ruby’s ideas. She creates her miniature portraits on discarded tea bags, and the result is somehow more stunning than it would be on paper.

Seriously, just look at her paintings. There’s a certain simplicity to them, and perhaps that’s what makes them so lovely.









She even managed to find ways to put other discarded material into her pieces, like old candy wrappers.

And the coolest part? She used her unique paintings to commemorate her travels all over the world.

Let’s just say it isn’t exactly surprising that people on Twitter are in awe of Ruby’s artwork.

What can we say? They say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, but Ruby truly creates treasure from trash. TC mark

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