These Teens Stopped Their Car When They Noticed A Homeless Man By The Side Of The Road And What They Did Next Was Heartwarming

Facebook / Jenna Steele and Unsplash / Mitch Rosen

With news cycles constantly reporting the terrible things going on in the world — no, seriously, go pick up a newspaper and try to find something positive — sometimes we all need a reminder that there are still good people. Because honestly, it’s easy to forget that every day, people commit small acts of kindness that get completely overlooked or unnoticed. Maybe it’s something we need to remind ourselves of more often.

At least, that’s what Jenna Steele believes. She was driving down the road when she noticed a car stop in front of her and three teens get out. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but when she finally understood, she was brought to tears.

Jenna wrote:

I just sat at the corner of Jackman & Alexis sobbing my eyes out. A car of 3 teenage boys pulled in to the gas station, parked their car, they all got out & one by one took their wallets out and handed this homeless man some cash. They then shook his hand and went on their way. Let’s stop giving attention to the youth that do these horrible acts and start giving attention to THESE kind of kids. Maybe we will start a new kindness trend & make kids famous for these kind of things. THIS is the kind of stuff I want to see go viral & clogging up my Facebook feed.

Okay, that’s pretty wonderful. If only more people made that kind of effort to be giving and kind, maybe the world would be a better place. Or maybe if we just focused on those moments more, we’d realize that maybe, they’re not so uncommon.

Look, I know talking about the bad stuff is important, but damn, Jenna has a point. Can’t we at least try to focus on the good stuff now and then? It’s so easy for the positivity to get drowned out by negativity in the media. Maybe we need to remind ourselves that this world isn’t a totally terrible place.

Let’s make 2018 about appreciating the good things. God knows we need it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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