The Trailer For The New ‘Harry Potter’ Mobile Game Just Dropped And Fans Are Getting Hyped

A screenshot from the trailer of the new Harry Potter mobile game during the sorting hat ceremony
Youtube / Jam City

A few years ago, Pokemon Go dropped on mobile devices and the world went wild. You couldn’t step outside your door without seeing mobs of people walking around and staring down at their phones, as if in a trance (or, you know, a Black Mirror episode). It looks like the Harry Potter franchise has taken notes, because they decided to develop a similar game app — and guys, it’s almost here!

The trailer just dropped yesterday, and let’s just say we’re all getting pretty excited for what’s in store for us at Hogwarts.

Is it too dramatic to say that fans have been waiting their whole lives for this moment?

Unfortunately, the game has a very limited release right now, as only people with Google phones who live in certain areas of the world actually have access to it at the moment.

While it’s frustrating, it’s okay. We’ll just be over here, re-reading the books and waiting patiently…

… or maybe a bit impatiently. TC mark

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This is me letting you go

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