Rihanna Just Clapped Back At Snapchat For An Ad Making Fun Of Her Domestic Violence Charges Against Chris Brown

Rihanna from the music video of "Wild Thoughts" and a snapshot of the ad making fun of domestic violence
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Oh, Snapchat, you’ve done just about one of the worst things you could have done. No, seriously, did you not check out this advertisement before you put it up? Or did you really just think, “Hm, this seems like a good idea”? How could ANYONE think this is a good idea?

So basically, here’s the sitch: Snapchat put up an ad about a “would you rather” game, but the example they used to advertisement was, well, kind of shitty, actually. Just look for yourself:

Twitter / @GNCordova

That’s right — “Would you rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown?”

Okay, Snapchat, you know what happened between Rihanna and Chris Brown — everyone does. The fact that Brown assaulted Rihanna during their relationship is a pretty well known fact. So why didn’t anyone stop and say, “Huh, maybe we shouldn’t advertise a question mocking the domestic abuse between these two?”

Rihanna took to Instagram (NOT Snapchat) to clap back at the terrible ad, and she definitely didn’t hold back.

Twitter / @GNCordova

Rihanna makes a great point — even aside from her own feelings, it’s a pretty bad example for domestic violence victims everywhere. Making a joke of such a thing is pretty toxic for the people who have to deal with that kind of abuse on an everyday basis.

Let’s just say a lot of people are over Snapchat’s bullshit right now.

Yeah, this definitely isn’t looking good for the company.

Let this be a warning to all companies: don’t make light of domestic violence for advertising money. I can’t believe I even have to say that. TC mark

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