Blaire White Is The Transgender Trump Supporter Who’s Changing The Face Of Traditional Conservatism

Twitter / @MsBlaireWhite

What does it mean to be young and conservative? When it comes to the mainstream media, it means being grossly underrepresented. While a study by The Pew Research Center claimed only 34 percent of Millennials aligned with the Republican party, another study by Capital Research claims that Millennials are more likely to identify as politically conservative than previous generations were at their age. Which means this: there are a lot of 20-something Republicans that are being overlooked completely.

Truth be told, there aren’t a lot of young conservatives in the limelight for Millennial Republicans to look up to. Perhaps the most popular example is Tomi Lahren, the controversial pundit best known for her rage-fueled arguments on Fox News that draw plenty of attention from conservatives and liberals alike. But not every young conservative can relate to Lahren — some probably don’t even agree with her — which leads them to finding other public figures they can align with. For some, that public figure is Blaire White.

White doesn’t quite fit the stereotype some try to slap onto conservatives. As a transgender woman, she doesn’t quite fit the mold most are used to seeing and instead follows the footsteps of Caitlyn Jenner, the famed conservative transgender woman who openly campaigned for Donald Trump during the election. Perhaps Republicanism isn’t as old, male, or heteronormative as some may think.

Then again, it’s not as easy to pigeonhole White as some may think. She’s a woman, but she doesn’t like feminism. She’s trans, but she doesn’t necessarily align with the LGBTQ community (“I find these communities to be very ideological, like an exclusive club in some ways, in which people who have different politics or people who aren’t liberal are basically shunned or sometimes vilified and I don’t really like that,” she said in one video where she addressed her issue with it.)

But honestly, White doesn’t care what you think. Really, she doesn’t. She’s unapologetic about her stances and isn’t afraid to use her platforms to discuss them. Her videos, which include “There Are Only 2 Genders“, “Triggered To Death By Milo Yiannopoulos” and “Fat Acceptance Is Stupid“, are, well, kind of what you’d expect from the titles — vlogs that discuss social issues like gender, political correctness, and the concept of “snowflakes” with a conservative angle. She describes herself as an antifeminist and even claimed that coming out as a conservative was harder for her than coming out as transgender. It’s no surprise, really, that White has plenty of haters — and also plenty of followers.

In fact, White has 168k Twitter followers, 344k YouTube subscribers and millions of views on her videos. A good deal of those fans follow her because they agree with her ideologies and find her viewpoints refreshing, but some feel particularly close to Blaire for a different reason entirely — in a country that’s become so quickly polarized within the last decade, they see themselves represented in her.

Does Blaire bring new ideas to the table? Not really. You can find many of her beliefs reiterated by pundits, politicians, and conservative bloggers. In that way, she’s not particularly groundbreaking. But she is connecting with certain audiences in ways other Republicans don’t, so it’s really no surprise that she’s found herself as a fresh new face of young conservatism. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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