Male Lingerie: 15 Women Weigh In On The Men’s Fashion Trend Making Its Way Into The Bedroom

Two male models show off their male lingerie
YouTube: Inside Edition

“If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie?”

At least, that’s what actress Shannen Doherty had to say about it. Plenty of women would agree — lingerie gives us a certain feeling of power, whether we’re wearing it under a set of clothing in public or displaying it in the bedroom. So why can’t men indulge in this same guilty pleasure?

Well, they can, actually, because men’s lingerie is actually a thing, even if it’s not quite status quo yet. But while men now have the opportunity to wear a sexy lil thang like the rest of us, there are still polarizing opinions on whether or not men’s lingerie is actually an attractive look in the bedroom.

Reddit user WildWolfOfMibu asked women what they thought of men’s lingerie and not everyone was one the same page. Some women loved the look, while other’s absolutely hated it. Here’s just a sample of what they had to say.

1. I haven’t really seen anything I’ve found attractive. The sexiest underwear on a man to me are nicely fitted boxer briefs.

— jewelrider

2. I don’t like lingerie for women, I don’t like it for men.

— Snowdrift430

3. Going by what I found on Google when I searched for men’s lingerie, I think it’s way over the top. I’d probably laugh.

— worried19

4.I would love to see my boyfriend (if I had one) wear it

—  salazarians

5. I can’t imagine finding anything of the sort sexy. And for the record I don’t find women’s lingerie sexy on women either.

— thunderling

6. Just being real here, I wouldn’t think him wearing it was sexy. I’d think a man with the balls to wear that shit has a sense of humor and THAT is what’s sexy about it.

— nikkieninja

7. I find it difficult to imagine male lingerie that’s sexy and not funny, but I’m open to being wrong.

— amgov

8. I’d be totally fine with it if my boyfriend wore it. Like those man thongs? My dude’s got a great butt…

— jessiedaviseyes

9. Depends on the dude, but usually sexy 😍😍

— Rivkasaurus

10. I googled that and saw something I’d really like on my bf, so I’m all for it lol.

— kolorowanka

11. Not bad, but I’d rather see them in ladies lingerie.

— kallisti_gold

12. Some of them are cute as hell.

— 2hatsrbetterthan1

13. As we say in NZ… yeah nah.

— _lululemon_

14. Men’s lingerie begins and ends for me with a man in a pair of tight boxer shorts. Everything else I would personally find laughable!

— JaniePage

15. I prefer men wear women’s lingerie.

— Pantone877

Even guys have wildly different opinions about whether or not they think men’s lingerie is something worth trying. It’s definitely something we’re not used to seeing in mainstream media — and perhaps not an element often seen in the idea of traditional masculinity — but times are changing, and it’s very possible that male lingerie will rise in popularity soon enough.

After all, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what other people think about it. What matters is how you feel, and if you’re a man who feels sexy and confident in lingerie, then it shouldn’t matter what anyone else has to say. Own it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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