‘Bachelor’ Arie Tried To Slide Into Bekah M.’s DMs, So She Called Him Out On Twitter

Twitter / @whats_ur_sign_

You know, Arie Luyendyke Jr. really hasn’t been getting the best press lately. Maybe that’s because he’s proven to the world that he’s actually a massive dick and perhaps the most disliked Bachelor to ever appear on the show, and we just keep getting more proof that he’s actually the worst.

Bekah M., a series favorite who won over people’s hearts after she was reported missing in California (when she was really just filming The Bachelor), was eliminated from the show about halfway through the season, in part because of the 14-year age gap between her and Arie. But I guess he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since, because he tried to slide into her DMs even after he banished her from the show, and Bekah isn’t afraid to tell the world. She tweeted this right after last night’s explosive finale:


Seriously, it’s all a little strange, especially when you see what he was DMing her about.

Twitter / @whats_ur_sign_
Twitter / @whats_ur_sign_

While the messages are pretty innocent for the most part, we can’t help but wonder: why are you messaging your ex, Arie? Shouldn’t you be focusing on the merry-go-round of other women you can’t seem to choose between?


Some people thought Bekah’s tweets were pretty petty, but she called out her haters for directing their criticism toward the wrong person. After all, she wasn’t the one who broke up with her “fiancé” on TV.


It’s also clear which side Bekah stands on in the Bachelor finale controversy.




It’s clear she truly has no regrets.


Please, Bekah, never ever change. You are the light the dark, emotionless void that is the Bachelor franchise needs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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