A Man Called The Cops On His Ex Because He Didn’t Like This Facebook Post

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I have one major rule in life and it’s this: you can enjoy consuming social media drama, but never, ever become a part of it. Don’t initiate it. Don’t respond to it. Not only is it incredibly tacky, but it’s also incredibly easy for someone to take things way too far.

Anne King found out just how petty it can get when, in 2015, she and a friend ended up behind bars for a Facebook status she wrote bad-mouthing her ex-husband, who also just happened to be a sheriff’s deputy.

It all started when Anne’s ex, Corey King, refused to drop off their children’s medication on his way to work. Anne was so upset that she took to Facebook to complain about her baby daddy.


According to King’s lawsuit, Corey asked her to take the post down. When she didn’t comply, he took a screenshot of the status, posted it on his own account, and then filed an incident report and requested an arrest warrant for her “derogatory statements.”

The arrest warrant read:

“subject did, without a privilege to do so and with intent to defame another, communicate false matter which tends to expose one who is alive to hatred, contempt, or ridicule, and which tends to provoke a breach of peace.”

Wow, no wonder she’s your ex, dude.

The next day, Washington County court issued warrants for both King and her friend Susan Hines, who had commented on Anne’s status calling Corey a “POS.” The woman were charged with “criminal defamation of character” and spent four hours in jail before posting $1,000 bail.

But when it came to their hearing, even the judge admitted he wasn’t sure why the women were there. He let the women go, and Anne is now filing a lawsuit against her ex.

See what I mean? Stay out of petty Facebook drama. No one has time to go to jail for posting some stupid crap on the Internet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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