20 People Get Brutally Honest About The Advice They’d Give To The Person Dating Their Ex

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Don’t fall asleep before her. She might try to smother you with a pillow. O-o

— GoldenBrownApples


From Bojack Horseman: “When you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.”

— anto187


That she’s on Reddit so you can’t comment on posts like this.

— sirsam640


You have every single right to be uncomfortable & upset with her best friend who she “loves like a brother.”

Yeah, they have more of step-brother/sister relationship from PornHub.

— SpeelingBeeChamp


I never worried about you and I was the guy she told her last boyfriend not to worry about. Just a heads up.

Also, she’s into choking big time.

— GonnaNeedABiggerButt


She’s cheating on you. I guarantee it.

— BrighamYoung



— SavageBurritos


He’s a very good person with a moral compass always pointing north.

Don’t use big words around him though.

— RisaUnwound


She likes a finger in the bum.

— Tazinbar


He’ll gaslight you. Trust your instincts and don’t let him paint you as a crazy paranoid girlfriend.

— vichan


Treat him well. He deserves nothing but the best.

— goanaog


Don’t say the L word, or imply that you’re interested in saying it. If you fall for him, keep it a secret. Give him a lot of space and don’t text him every day.

Basically he doesn’t want a lasting relationship; even an open one. He might say that he doesn’t mind relationships, but he does. You might be able to keep it going if he’s convinced that it’s not a relationship.

— Orual309


Don’t let her do coke, and don’t let her have knives if she does coke.

— Zdrack


I truly, truly just hope he’s happy. Please cherish his laugh, and his goofy attitude, and the freckles on his nose and back. Don’t let him fool you though. Make him talk to you. He doesn’t have pretend everything is okay when it’s not. I know what anxiety looks like. And tell him a lot of people are very proud of him for his sobriety. Congratulate him on getting his one year chip. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for him.

— miss-karly


He does love you, he’s just a naturally selfish person. That isn’t going to change so you need to decide early on if you’re ok with that or not.

— IAm_TulipFace


Her saying that she quit drinking does not imply that she actually did.

— theartlav


This time last week I would have said ‘enjoy paying for everything because this dead beat Dad likes to throw his money at shit before the rents due’ but I don’t have to because this week she found out about his debt and left him. Ha.

— Meatspin64


He’s outgoing, charismatic, funny and the life of the party, but he’s a drunk with father abandonment issues. If you try to change it, you’ll just end up taking a swig out of his water bottle at 10am and quickly realize it’s vodka: he’s hiding it from you. Bills will go unpaid, he’ll make you feel sorry for him and when you start to see texts at 2am to other girls he will blame you for checking his phone. Move on. His coping skills are booze and validation from others. You don’t need that kind of insecurity.

— Erovian_MD


Open doors for her, she loves sweets, don’t poke her in the forehead, carry Benadryl for emergencies since she’s allergic to seafood, she likes primarily asian noodle dishes but is willing to try other food, she likes drinking tea but is picky about matcha tea, and she hasn’t been out of the country since she was about 4, so her first real vacation destination is Japan.

— Stevent518


Don’t mistreat her, she’s needy but she’ll give as much as you do. Don’t give up on her cause she needs you more than you know.

— TomTom2552 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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