20 Incredibly Beautiful But Grossly Underrated Parts Of Being In A Relationship

Woman and man hold each other while they stand on a bridge, staring out into the unknown together
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Found on Ask Reddit

1. Always having someone to do mundane tasks with.

It’s like having your best friend with you when you have to do boring chores from laundry mats to doctors appointments, except they’re happy to be there with you.

— mynameisnotjamie

2. Someone to take a look at that rare lump or shave a weird area.

— ntrprtr

3. Never having to be uncomfortable in public, either physically or mentally.

Even the middle seat on an airplane is less miserable when you can put your head on the shoulder of the person next to you and laugh about an inside joke.

— Wanderluster27

4. Having someone to watch your luggage when you have to pee at the airport.

— misskatielou0202

5. Being really super excited about finding something you know she’ll love.

My reddit saved posts is 90% dogs because of her.

— n1c0_ds

6. A tender hug for no particular reason, other than you both naturally want to.

— Back2Bach

7. Not feeling weird when there’s nothing to talk about.

It’s just like…ok there’s nothing to say. Not like when you’re dating someone new and you’re trying to think of anything to break an uncomfortable silence.

— coys1993

8. Being the big spoon and getting to nuzzle your face in the back of their neck with all their hair that smells amazing no matter what.

— AustinXTyler

9. Just sitting by them and not really doing anything, just cool being with someone.

— Radiatron

10. Always having someone willing to scratch your back.

— GenJonesMom

11. The mental security of knowing that someone finds you attractive and likes your personality.

— Zukazuk

12. When you go to a restaurant and there are two things on the menu you want, you can get your SO to order one of them and share.

— TomatoDemon

13. You’re in a team with another cool person.

It’s always great to be part of something bigger!

— my-personal-favorite

14. Just being able to have someone to text or maintain constant contract with.

The hardest part of every relationship ending for me is not having a text every time I look at my phone or not being able to look forward to telling my gf something that happened during the day.

— ImReallySorryMom

15. Sleeping together.

I don’t mean sex (although that’s obviously great), I mean literally just sleeping together. Being able to drift off to sleep feeling safe and comforted because that person is there next to you. Having someone there if you have a bad dream in the middle of the night. Waking up briefly and just feeling their presence and knowing that everything is okay and going back to sleep. I hate when my husband travels and I have to sleep alone and when I wake up at night half the bed is cold (although I love when he gets up a little earlier than I do and I can roll over and snuggle into the little dent he left in the mattress which is all cozy and warm and smells like him).


16. Just being completely ridiculous with someone.

Last night I hid from my partner under the dooner/duvet (or whatever you want to call it) and she couldn’t find me for a few seconds. It was completely stupid, but we both had a great laugh.

— Reddits_Worst_Night

17. Funny movies are funnier with someone else laughing.

— FCCCaffeineQueen

18. Coming home to the same person every night.

I LOVE that feeling.
— MsKlinefelter

19. Having meals together.

That’s probably one of the worst things for me about being single. I love to cook. But hate just eating it myself. In a relationship you always have someone there to enjoy it with you.

— Notyourhostage

20. Watching that person just exist.

— DuckswithNunchucks Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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