10 ‘Green Flags’ That Prove You’re Dating Someone Who’s Actually A Good Person

A man in a hate and a woman laugh as they walk through a tree full of flowers
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Found on Ask Reddit

1. They can accept when they are wrong about something without getting angry or defensive.

— Frolic-A-holic

2. They do the right thing even when they think nobody is watching.

— Whackjob-KSP

3. They make room for you in a circle of conversation you are hovering the outside of at a social gathering.

— zopukedl99

4. Those little casual acts of kindness that they do on automatic.

Holding a door for someone, helping someone if they drop something. Just a default attitude of pleasantness and support to everyone they meet.

— DukeInterior

5.If they are polite and pick up after themselves in public.

— HumptyDumptyFellHard

6. If somebody is getting talked over, they actively make sure the person gets to say what they wanted to say.

— pickmetoo

7. When they actually ask you followup questions when talking to you, rather than just switching straight to their own answer.

— ArchetypicalDegen

8. If you accidentally fart and they don’t make a big deal out of it.

— and_so_forth

9. They don’t somehow make every conversation about them.

— Kaolin-

10.They return their shopping cart.

— BenevolentDog Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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