Two Strangers Met Up At The Eagles Parade To Recreate This Famous WWII-Era Photo

Two Eagles fans kissing in the street during the SUper Bowl parade
Twitter / @Shawn_Foss

Everyone knows the iconic WWII-Era photo of the sailor and the nurse kissing in the middle of the street on VJ day. The pictures is considered one of the most romantic in American history (even if the actual story behind it is, well, not so romantic), prompting hundreds of couples to recreate it over time.

So it’s really no surprise that one Eagles fan was eager to give the photo a try during the parade in Philadelphia to celebrate the Super Bowl win.

Twitter user Shamus Clancy tweeted, “me and your girl on Broad Street” with the VJ photo attached, assumedly has a joke. But one woman replied to his post saying that she was 100% ready to recreate the photo, even if he was just a stranger.

Of course, no one actually expected Shamus or the woman, Ashley Suder, to go through with it.

But they did and they got photographic proof. Behold: the Philadelphia version of the iconic kiss.

Okay, so… not quite the same. Some people got caught up on the little details, especially the fact that Shamus was holding onto Ashley’s leg.

Okay, so maybe it looks a little less poised than the original photo, but hey, at least it was consensual, unlike the original photo. There were plenty of people rooting for this couple, and I can’t say that I’m not, too.

Honestly, this is the dream and we’re all just wanting to live in it.

What can we learn from this story? Well, honestly, I’m not really sure, but I do know that if you shoot your shot, you might just end up becoming an Internet sensation. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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