This Woman Wrote A FB Post Saying All Men Are Dogs, But It Turns Out She’s Actually The Problem

Unsplash / Brooke Cagle and Imgur / IgotBannedForNoReason

If this past year had a tagline, it would probably be “men are trash,” especially after everything with #MeToo. It’s really no surprise that women are skeptical of men, but let’s be honest — no one is a saint, and there are definitely women out there who can be just as scummy as anyone else. Sorry, it’s human nature.

This woman found out the hard way that she might be just as bad as the men she likes to call out. She took to Facebook to complain about the awful men in her life, but seemed to forget that some of her Facebook friends had some pretty revealing dirt on her.

Imgur / IgotBannedForNoReason

Okay, but honestly, how do you even come back from that? All you can do is delete your Facebook, leave the country, and take on a fake identity. Life as you know it is over and gone.

But let’s just be real — no matter the gender, all people are trash. It’s the facts. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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