This Woman Found Out Her BF Had A Secret Kid And An Eavesdropping Stranger Tweeted The Whole Damn Thing

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My favorite thing to do in public is to eavesdrop. No, seriously — do you know how much drama you hear about just from going to a park or a coffee shop? Honestly, it’s crazy what people will talk about in broad daylight.

Author Maria Dahvana Headley was eating in a restaurant when she overheard a rather juicy conversation between a man and woman who’d been dating for quite a bit. Apparently the woman had just learned a pretty huge secret the guy had been hiding from her…

I told you it was a big secret.

Naturally, the dude kind of dug himself into an even bigger hole by trying to play it off.

Oh hell no. This is not going well and everyone in the damn restaurant can tell but him.

Of course, he acted like he couldn’t understand why she was so upset about it, even though it seems pretty natural to be upset about your significant other of one year completely forgetting to tell you he has a CHILD.

Okay. Yeah, sure, dude.

Oh HELL no. How does anyone stay calm in that situation?! But unfortunately, the man managed to talk his way into making himself look like the good guy again

Honestly, this scene is all too familiar. Even if you don’t know anyone who’s dated someone who hid a kid from them, you’ve definitely known someone who knew something was wrong but got talked into thinking it was normal — and that they were the crazy one for thinking it was wrong.

Maria decided to write the woman a note, though she never delivered it to her. Still, we wish she would have.

But would the woman have listened? Unfortunately, gaslighting is a strong thing, and it’s not always easy to walk away when you’re being emotionally manipulated.

As it turns out, this isn’t all just mindless drama — there’s a moral to the story.

Never let someone make you think your instincts — or your sense of wrong and right — are wrong. Never let someone tell you you’re being too judgmental for calling them out on their shit. And never let someone invalidate you by saying you’re being too emotional. If something upsets you that much, you probably have a point. TC mark

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