This Uber Driver Has The Most Hilarious Way Of Choosing Spotify Playlists At Work And It’s Genius

A driver on the highway going somewhere
Unsplash / Mark Cruz

Uber drivers are having to up their game now that people are going all out to ensure a five-star rating. While some have taken to turning their entire car into a club (no, seriously), others are finding subtler, yet still genius ways of nabbing that perfect rating.

This driver may have found the perfect way to win the hearts of passengers everywhere: through music. And, you know, through a little good-natured stereotyping.

Seriously, just look at these playlists and try to tell me they’re not spot-on.

Twitter / @TEEJUS___
Twitter / @TEEJUS___

People on Twitter were in awe of the Uber driver’s genius, mostly because these playlists look lit af and we all want to listen to them.

Don’t worry  — he shared his spotify account just in case you actually are interested in checking out his perfectly-curated playlists.

So, who are you? A heady bro? A fucking hipster? A white dude who looks like he likes rap? Sometimes you just gotta let go of your pride, admit that maybe you really are just a stereotype, and jam out to the perfect playlist made just for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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