This Super Racist Man Wouldn’t Stop Harassing An Asian-American Woman, So A Bystander Punched Him In The Face

An Asian-American Woman And THe Racist Man Wh oWouldn't Stop Harassing Her
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If 2018 has proven anything to us, it’s that racism isn’t dead, even if we really, really wish it were. Don’t believe me? This woman was harassed by a man who kept telling her to “go back to Asia” and she has the receipts.

Jeanne Heo, a Korean-American woman from Los Angelos, had been taking the red line metro to meet with someone to discuss a work project when she noticed a man staring at her, Buzzfeed News reported. The man allegedly asked her, “Are you tired? You look sleepy.” When she didn’t respond, he asked, “Do you speak English? Are you American?”

Though Jeanne said yes, the man wasn’t ready to let her go just yet. He followed her off the train and continued to harass her, asking her questions about her lineage and her genetics. She began filming when his words became increasingly hostile.

He circled the woman, flipping her off and saying, “God bless Trump, we’re going to nuke you guys,” “Go back to Asia,” and “You have a flat face and an ugly nose.” As he walked away, he yelled over his shoulder, “Beat that!”

Jeanne stopped recording right about then, but it’s what she didn’t catch on camera that was perhaps the most epic part: someone walked up to the man and punched him right in the fact.

Let’s just say he had it coming.

The man who punched him was African-American, according to Jeanne, and that he spewed just as many racist remarks at him as he had her, including, “Get back in your cage, you n****** are all the same.”

Yeah, he deserved that hit. Probably a few more, too. TC mark

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