This Single Kylie Jenner Tweet Cost Snapchat Over A Billion Dollars

Kylie Jenner and her friend at her baby shower
Youtube / Kylie Jenner

Love her or hate her, you can’t say that Kylie Jenner isn’t an influential human being. Even people who can’t stand the Kardashians can’t help but tune into the drama surrounding her life, so it’s no real surprise that one single tweet from her could completely upend an entire company. No, seriously.

It turns out that Kylie is just like us — she can’t stand the new Snapchat update, and like the rest of us, she’s taken to social media to profess her hatred for it.

Unfortunately for Snapchat, that single tweet lost them a lot… like, probably more money than you’re even worth. According to Deadline, Snapchat’s shares sank 7% since Kylie sent out the tweet yesterday, which is estimated to be one billion dollars. But really, what did they expect? Once you piss off the queen of Snapchat, you’re doomed.

Kylie swore she still loved the social media app, but it’s probably a little too late to apologize…

The ball is in your court, Snapchat. You know what to do. TC mark

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