This Guy Didn’t Know Why He Kept Getting Fake Numbers From Women, But One Wrong Number Text Completely Changed His Perspective

A wrong number text and a woman texting on her phone
Facebook / Taylor McTague and Unsplash / William Iven

You never know what you’re going to get with a wrong number text. Sometimes you’ll end up with a funny exchange, sometimes it’ll be truly uneventful, and sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll end up with a truly heartfelt conversation that might actually change the way you look at the world.

Taylor McTague didn’t think much of it when she got a text from a guy named Kev that she’d never met before, but the conversation led to a place she definitely didn’t expect it to go.

Facebook / Taylor McTague

Apparently Kev wasn’t doing so great with the ladies and wasn’t exactly sure why, so he ended up asking Taylor for advice, and what she told him was actually eye-opening.

Facebook / Taylor McTague
Facebook / Taylor McTague
Facebook / Taylor McTague

Taylor has a point — a lot of women end up giving men wrong numbers when they feel that they’re being pushy or creepy but aren’t sure how to say no. As a woman, I’ve done the same thing plenty of times. But it’s also hard to remember that a lot of people are just looking for human connection, and that sometimes they just aren’t sure how to get it. Maybe we all need the reminder.

So this is to all the people who are getting frustrated about constantly getting curbed by the people they pursue: be patient. Wait for that connection. And be nice. Like Taylor said, sometimes nice guys really don’t finish first. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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