This Couple Accidentally Proposed At The Same Time In The Same Way And It’ll Make You Believe In Fate

The lesbian couple who proposed at the same time
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Sometimes crazy coincidences happen in the world and you can’t help but wonder if it’s fate, especially when it has to do with love. So when this couple accidentally proposed at the same time, my first thought was this: it‘s meant to be. At least, it sure seems like it.

Tori Monaco met her girlfriend Berkley Cade online a year ago, but the two immediately knew they were a perfect match. They were each other’s first same-sex relationship, and they were surprised when they realized they’d found everything they’d been looking for in each other.

The two were dating long distance when Tori went to visit Berkley’s family in Washington. It turns out, they both had a surprise for each other…

… And it was the same exact surprise.

That’s right — the couple proposed to each other at the same time, in the same way. You’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty crazy coincidence, not to mention epically adorable.

Seriously, these two are WAY too adorable for their own good.

I’ll be real — the video made me tear up a ton, and the story behind it was even more heartwarming. Honestly we’re all just feeling a lot of things right now.

I guess when you know, you really, really know. Congrats to the happy couple! TC mark

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