This Boyfriend Had A Major Meltdown While Trying To Pick Out Leggings For His GF At The Store And It’s Hilarious

A woman walking in leggings and heels and a text conversation between a girlfriend and boyfriend about buying leggngs
Unsplash / Brooke Cagle and Twitter / @MissTayl0rAnne

Men truly do not understand how lucky they are when it comes to fashion. Not only do most of their outfits come with fully functional pockets(!!!), but they simply don’t have the wide array of choices when it comes to what to wear. And while it may sound cool that women have so much to choose from, it’s truly a curse.

This guy found that out pretty quickly when his girlfriend asked him to pick up some leggings at a store while he was in town. He ended up having a major meltdown, and honestly, same.

It all started while he was perusing the leg wear section of the store and realize just how many different kinds of leggings there were.

Twitter / @MissTayl0rAnne

And this is where he really broke down:

Twitter / @MissTayl0rAnne

Seriously, though, he isn’t even being dramatic. This is 100% me every time I go shopping. Really, why does anyone even like shopping? I have a panic attack the moment I enter Target, and I like Target.

Don’t worry, though, Tay’s boyfriend made it out alive!

Truly the bravest hero of his time. Probably best not to let him near the jeans section of the store. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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