This Art Student Clapped Back At The Teacher Who Told Her To ‘Dial Down The Feminism’

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Art is unlike many subjects in school in that it allows you to express your thoughts, opinions, and feelings through a certain medium. That gives students a lot of freedom to make a statement of their choice, but that doesn’t particularly mean their instructors will like it.

Twitter user Alex Bertulis-Fernandes had one particular teacher who didn’t seem to like the statements she was saying in her pieces. He told her to ‘dial down the feminism,’ which became the statement she centered her latest project on.

Okay, you have to admit that’s pretty clever. It’s rebellious, the message is loud and clear, and hey, it’s still art.

People couldn’t get enough of the art student and her feminist masterpiece.

Honestly, who does this teacher think he is? Shouldn’t he be encouraging his students to explore their own ideologies through different mediums?

Perhaps Alex’s piece can even be a lesson. After all, there will always be people in your life who try to tell you to dial back on the things you’re passionate about because, well, it just makes them uncomfortable.

I really need a poster of this so I can hang it on my wall and draw strength from it daily. After all, it’s the people who tell you to ‘calm down’ that will stop you from ever getting what you want — and deserve. TC mark

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