These Women Found A Genius Way To Handle Fuckboys Who Ask For Their Numbers And It’s Hilarious

Woman look at her phone and a tweet about women who go out at night
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If you’re a woman, you know by now that going out to bars probably means fending off dudes you aren’t actually interested in at all. The problem is that some guys really don’t know how to take a hint (or really just refuse to), which probably means they’re not going to take “no” for an answer when they ask to have your phone number.

But these genius women found a perfect way to deal with the creeps who wouldn’t leave them alone, and honestly, I am incredibly jealous I haven’t thought of this before.

That’s right — the women literally have a burner phone for fuckboys. Why isn’t this a normal thing?! And, more importantly, why can’t we all be part of this?

Of course, there are still plenty of ways to deal with fuckboys that don’t have to do with buying a separate cell phone. You can give them numbers for local businesses (extra points if they have to do with death or something equally as creepy), numbers that belong to your best guy friends, or even just random digits. As long as you have fun with it (and feel safe)!

This has honestly revolutionized the way that I will go out from now on. Time to cough up the cash and get ready for a huge laugh.

UPDATE: It’s happening. It’s really happening.

Stay tuned, ladies. We’ll all be in on the fun soon. TC mark

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