The Police Had A 45-Minute Standoff With A Tiger Before They Realized It Wasn’t Even Real

A tiger in the wild
Unsplash / Michael Green

In today’s episode of “WTF Is Happening In This World”: police had a 45-minute standoff with a tiger. Except, well, it ended up it wasn’t even a tiger at all.

Scottish authorities received a frantic call from a farmer this past weekend about a tiger that had been set loose in a northern village. When the police arrived, they found the feral beast resting in between two cow pens, but it didn’t seem perturbed by the company. After watching the wild animal for nearly an hour, the police had a revelation — the tiger wasn’t even real. It was a life-sized stuffed animal.

Hm… sounds familiar.

Police Inspector George Cordiner said in a statement:

“Our ultimate aim is to protect the public and keep our officers safe when faced with uncertain situations. Until you know exactly what you are dealing with, every option has to be considered . . . We appreciate that it was a false call made with genuine good intent.”

I guess it’s better safe than sorry. I wonder how the stuffed animal even got there in the first place. Anyway, hopefully the toy found a good home after such a traumatizing incident. TC mark

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