The Obamas Have An Inspiring Message For The Florida Shooting Survivors And It’s Making Twitter Emotional

Barack and Michelle Obama at the unveiling of their presidential portraits
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It’s officially been over a week since the Florida shooting, but students refuse to let the world forget what happened to their peers and mentors on February 14. Young people across the country have rallied together to take on the NRA and GOP lawmakers and have pushed for a change in gun policy, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed — in fact, the whole world is watching.

These teens have been through an immeasurable amount of shit in one week (like, you know, when a bunch of old white dudes accused them of being crisis actors hired by Democrats because they wanted gun control after their friends were literally murdered in the same building they were in), but they’ve got a ton of people who have their backs, including the former POTUS and FLOTUS.

Their messages of solidarity and support are making us all a little emotional — as are the teens who are stepping up to make a difference.

Now, if only our current POTUS could construct a statement that made the rest of us feel supported and heard…

Keep doing what you’re doing, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students. You’re making our nation — and our leaders — proud. TC mark

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