Logan Paul Got Brutally Dragged For Posting This Dumbass Comment On Cardi B’s Instagram

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My general rule of social media is to NEVER look at the comments. Why? Because it’s usually just a dumpster fire of terrible opinions and unnecessary insults. Seriously, I’m pretty sure there’s a circle of hell where all you do is read through YouTube comments all day. There’s nothing more torturous.

But when I heard Logan Paul was getting dragged in the comments section of Cardi B’s Instagram, you know I had to read that shit immediately. And it was everything I needed and more.

It all started when Cardi B Instagrammed this (gorgeous) picture of herself with the caption, “They trinna crucify me like they did Christ.”

As with most of her posts, fans flooded her comments section within minutes, but that didn’t stop one particular comment from being overlooked.

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There he is — the infamous Logan Paul. In case you don’t remember, Paul was under fire earlier this year when he posted a YouTube video of a dead body hanging from a tree in the name of “suicide awareness.” Since then, the YouTube star has been shamed and shunned, though he’s definitely made an effort to clean up his image.

Paul’s comment didn’t sit well with people for obvious reasons, and commenters weren’t afraid to be very vocal about it.

Instagram / iamcardib
Instagram / iamcardib
Instagram / iamcardib
Instagram / iamcardib
Instagram / iamcardib

Welp, there goes all the hard work Logan Paul put into making people believe he truly regretted his actions. I can’t wait to see how he’s going to try to spin this one. Or, better yet, I can’t wait to see how he quietly leaves the spotlight for good, never to speak about any of this ever again. TC mark

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