Kylie Jenner Just Revealed Her Baby’s Name And All The Fan Theories Were Wrong

Kylie Jenner in her Youtube video "To Our Daughter"
Youtube / Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner finally had her daughter, which meant fans had to finally give up on all their conspiracy theories about her pregnancy. But luckily, they still had something left they could speculate — her daughter’s name, which was conveniently left out of every announcement.

And trust me, the fan theories go deep. Kardashian fans have searched far and wide for clues, and a lot of them have brought them back to one simple detail: a butterfly.

Sorry, Internet, you were ALL wrong. Her daughter’s name actually has nothing to do with a butterfly at all — but thanks for all the misdirection, Kylie.

Kylie finally posted the first picture of her daughter with the caption: “stormi”

Stormi Jenner. Stormi Scott? Stormi Jenner-Scott? Stormi Jenner-Scott-Kardashian? Who knows, but having at least part of the puzzle figured out means the world to us all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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