Kylie Jenner Finally Had Her Baby And Her Announcement Revealed Why She Kept It A Secret All Along

Kylie Jenner and her friend Heather at their joint Baby Shower
Youtube / Kylie Jenner

It’s official: after literal months of speculation, Kylie Jenner has confirmed her pregnancy! Except the youngest Kardashian kid was playing the long game, because she didn’t confirm it until three days after she actually had her child, which we honestly should have seen coming.

Kylie tweeted out an explanation for her silence along with the announcement, and, well, it kind of makes sense.

To be fair, it probably would be difficult dealing with the stress of pregnancy while in the spotlight. There are a lot of people in the world who love to hate Kylie and the rest of the family and I doubt that would stop just because she was pregnant. Good for her for doing what was best for her and her baby.

Kylie’s baby daddy Travis Scott and the rest of her family also celebrated the announcement in typical Kardashian fashion — they tweeted about it.

Kylie also uploaded a super sweet video to YouTube called “To Our Daughter” that chronicled her pregnancy and relationship with father Travis Scott. Whether you hate or love her, you’ve got to admit, the video is actually a pretty cute idea — through interviews with family and friends as well as raw footage, you get the complete story of Kylie’s journey through motherhood. Unsurprisingly, it’s the #1 trending video on YouTube, with 25 million views in less than a day.

I’m shocked Kylie was able to keep the secret for so long, not necessarily because I expected her to say something, but because she has a lot of close friends and family in the spotlight. How did she manage to keep everyone quiet?

Still, no matter how she did it, I’m glad she did it. She deserved to go through an incredibly formative life event without the world judging her for how she did it, and besides, it was fun to speculate. RIP Kylie Jenner pregnancy conspiracy theories. You were fun while you lasted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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