Kristen Bell Revealed The Secrets To A Long And Happy Relationship And You’re Going To Want To Write These Down

Kristen Bell at the 2018 SAG awards and a tweet
Youtube / Up-Periscope and Twitter / @IMKristenBell

Kristen Bell, the star of shows Veronica Mars and The Good Place, is the relationship guru we all need. She’s been with her hubby Dax Shepard for over a decade and has described herself as a “serial monogamist“, which totally makes sense once you hear her advice on how to keep a longterm relationship going.

Apparently Kristen had been writing a note to two of her friends who were getting married when she decided to let them in on the secrets of a long, healthy marriage. And because she’s a saint, she decided to let the rest of us in on them, too.

Honestly, I think everyone could benefit from these tips. It’s not about fairytale romances or true love or even fate. It’s all about loving each other unconditionally, being there for one another, and reminding yourself every day that you’re lucky to be with that person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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