18 People Reveal The Most Painfully Awkward Situation They’ve Ever Accidentally Walked In On

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In about 8th grade, on a school sports day to use a local gym. Walked into the locker room to get changed, and there were 4 men in the very open-plan shower area having a wank together. The moment of panic when they realised 20 school kids and a teacher were filing into the locker room was priceless.

— HalfManHalfCyborg


We used to have block parties a lot when I was a kid. When I was about 14 , I walked in on my neighbours fucking on my water bed. He just said please don’t tell your mother. Well I did tell her….30 years later and she’s pissed. Enjoy that phone call Mike

— t-nuggets


At an all you can eat buffet, walk into the men’s room and this guy is taking meatballs out of a sandwich bag under his shirt and transferring them to a different bag in his backpack.

All in all Id say he rolled them for close to 100 meatballs. The shame I walked away with from seeing that meatball thieving bastard was palpable.



I was 15 and my neighbor asked me to babysit so his wife could do some 5k fundraiser event while he was away at a hunting trip. He told me I needed to be there at 6am so she could get to the event to set up. He also said that the door would be unlocked so just walk in so I wouldn’t wake up the kids. I walked in on his wife having sex with some random dude. They didn’t notice me, so I went back out and closed the door. I then softly knocked on the door, waited a minute then walked in. They never knew that I saw them. I did tell the father what happened when he got home and asked how the day went.

— Mycatisademon


In college I was at a house party, I left to get smokes and when I got back I went inside the house and am so drunk I couldn’t figure out where all the people went. So I’m walking around inside the house and I open a door and some dude is sitting at his computer beating his meat. He yells and I run out and across the street. I watched as he left and walked over to the correct house to bitch. I waited like 30 minutes and went back to the party and never spoke of it again, 13 years ago.

— Jorricha


I had to shit super bad for like 20 minutes in the school bus, decided to get off the bus and run to a friends house because I was exploding at this point. Run into his bathroom and just let loose with the worst shit I’ve ever had… then I hear a water drop… I pull back the shower curtain and it’s his little sister having a bath… I must have traumatized her so bad

— Murdock07


Was going into pantry room to have lunch at work and walked into two of the top management team kissing so passionately and loudly. Lunch break is 1-2 and pantry room is almost desereted outside this time. I was having a late lunch around 4 that day, they didn’t expect me.

Both of them were single and apparently they were in love, they got married later that year.

— Java_Beans


More like ran… I was in high school and track practice was starting. It was the coldest day of the year so our coach told us to just run a lap around the school grounds to warm up and continue practice inside. I was head of the pack and in the distance I see something on the ground ahead of me behind the dugout.

As I got closer I saw it was two people on the ground, which was strange. Then, as I was just about on them, I realized that they where on top of each other having sex. I just laughed and continued on my way. Unfortunately for them not too far behind me was the rest of the track team lol.

— Sweedish_Fid


Passed out drunk on the bed where people were tossing coats at a party. Woke up later that night to a couple having sex on top of me, complaining about how lumpy the bed was.

— Kalanth


Had some friends over, a married couple, and the wife is very pregnant (about 7-8 months along). At some point, my wife and I have to go to the store and get something, but it was close to our apartment, so we went out and walked. We were back in less than 10 minutes, and walk in on the couple, her pants down in the throes of ecstasy, and him giving her very swollen punanny the kind of oral treatment like a starving bulldog eating a bowl of oatmeal. It was about as attractive as a road accident.

My wife and I backed out of the room. We then made an effort to be extra noisy, slamming the front door, and walking slowly and noisily to the living room. We see them red-faced, sitting up, and the guy wiping off his glistening beard. “That was quick!” He says.

Later, some of his beard dries to a sticky white film. I mention it to him, and he makes some kind of comment about sneezing into his beard earlier.

Man, it was so hard to stomach dinner that night.


— punkwalrus


Went with my cousin back to his house after getting some pies from Burger King. We crashed on the couch, chillin and eating our pies. His mom got home and all hell broke loose while she yelled at him about everything he had ever done wrong. I just sat there holding a half-eaten pie and petting the dog till it calmed down and I escaped.

— Boredatschool08


I had some cable management to do in a conference room that was rarely used at my work. I walked up to a closed door, which was the norm for that room. I entered without knocking under the presumption that the room was empty (the posted schedule said it was unoccupied). That was a mistake….I walked in to see the HR director, the plant manager, and another employee all in the midst of a very serious conversation. The thing that made it awkward is the employee was being let go just then, and was bawling his eyes out. I quickly made eye contact with the HR director and Plant Manager and uttered….”whoops, I will come back later”, turned on my heel and left. HR Manager called me a about 30 minutes later and told me the room was clear, and that he would either lock the door next time or post the use of the room. I have walked in on meetings before on accident, just never one where a grown man was sobbing.

— Mr_Drewski


Was at a party and went to the bathroom. In the bathroom a mutual friend and another dude were making out.

No one knew he was gay (or at least bisexual)

Idk I just gave him the zipped lip motion and never told anyone and locked the door on my way out.

— JaDinklageMorgoone


Mom eating dads ass on the fouton when school let out early

— icecreampopncereal


My bedroom, my (now-ex) wife, and my best friend.

— CommunistFesto


Came home with some new plants to place in the flower garden. Our neighbourhood has narrow lots and low fences, so when you’re in your back yard you’re never more than a few arms’ lengths from your neighbour.

So I waltz into the yard and notice the neighbour’s wife is having some sort of Tupperware party. A bunch of ladies seated sitting in a circle of lawn chairs and someone in the centre showcasing a product. I pay it no mind and start digging holes in my flower garden.

But I start to notice that the conversation has died quickly and some people are urging the lady to stop her presentation. She says something along the lines of “Come on ladies! This is nothing to be ashamed of!”

I hear a few more snippets and realize this is a sex toy party. I go about 6 shades of red, try to act distracted, then take my first opportunity to flee the back yard and head inside the house. I don’t know who was more embarrassed: me, the neighbour, or the horrified women in attendance.

— coupland


Happened today. Walking through woods, woman was ass naked and an old dude was just staring at her. Awkwardly said hey to the dude because autopilot and awkwardly speed walked home.

— TheTimothyPerry


I worked as a production secretary at a late night talk show. (Entry level position to work your way up. Front desk person. I was just out of college). I was supposed to answer all calls and transfer them to the appropriate assistant or producer.

Got to work early. The supervising producer (F) and producer (M) came out of the producers office and said they were going downstairs for breakfast. Phone rings, it’s the producer’s wife.

Her: hi is (producer) there? Me: no, he and (S producer) just ran downstairs for breakfast. Her: (The longest pause ever… And then finally..) he’s having breakfast with (s producer)? Me: yes. I think so. I mean i think they were working and then took a break for breakfast. Her: tell him i called. (Click).

Fast forward to a little later after he called her back and had a meeting with the supervising producer. He calls me into his office.

Him: why did you tell my wife i was having breakfast with (S producer)? Me: because you were Him: (long long pause while he stared Right. At. Me.) I don’t think you need to answer my phone anymore. Me: you sure? Him: yes

— 3InaRow Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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