This Woman Married Her Soulmate Hours Before Her Death And It’ll Teach You To Cherish Your Loved Ones

Unsplash / Drew Coffman

A lot of women dream of having the perfect wedding, but as we know, things don’t always go as planned. But when you love someone enough, you won’t let anything keep you apart — not even death.

Heather Mosher, for instance, probably didn’t plan to get married in a hospital bed, wearing a wedding dress and an oxygen mask. But that’s what she did on December 22 while surrounded by friends and family.

Heather was battling stage 4 cancer and knew she wasn’t going to make it, but she wanted to spend her last hours doing something that made her incredibly happy — being with the people she loved the most and celebrating that love with a wedding ceremony. She passed away 18 hours later. Her vows were some of her last words.

Okay, can someone pass me a tissue? I’m definitely not the only person tearing up right now.

Maybe we can learn something from Heather and Dave’s love.

Don’t be afraid to tell people you love them. Don’t put off your happiness out of fear. Live your life to the fullest and love with all your heart. You never know when you won’t have the time to put it off anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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