This Uber Driver Turned His Car Into A Night Club And It’s Lit AF

Unsplash / Evgeny Tchebotarev and Twitter / @SadieDing

Uber drivers, beware. Once your passengers take a ride in this car, it’s gonna be hard for you to get that five-star rating ever again.

Once upon a time, I was floored when my Uber driver offered me water and a snack. But not anymore. It’s going to take a lot more to impress me now that I’ve seen the Nirvana of all Ubers, aka this car that turns into a dope ass club at night.

Seriously, I cannot get over this. Why aren’t all Ubers party cars? (Okay, I get it — if I were trying to drive with all that going on at once, I would 100% crash. But still!)

This car legitimately comes with a karaoke mic. A KARAOKE MIC!!! If I could just sing during the entire drive to the airport, my life would officially be complete.

Okay so maybe it’s all a little extra, but can you blame him? The dude’s just trying to make a living and keep his customers happy, and he seems to be doing a pretty great job.

Honestly, I wish club Ubers were a thing everywhere. It would make coming home from the bars actually feel worth it. TC mark

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