This Racist Teen Bragged About Getting A Classmate Deported But He Didn’t Expect It To Backfire

The racist teen Cory Carnley who got his classmate reported and a police car
Twitter / @imsomeguydude and Unsplash / German Lopez

Whether or not you believe in karma, we can all agree on one thing for sure: anything you say or do on social media will come back to bite you. Sorry, it’s the law of the Internet, and we’re all slaves to it.

Someone probably should have told Cory Carnley, a pretty hardcore Trump supporter who went on Reddit to brag about reporting one of his classmates to the ICE and getting them deported.

Cory reportedly wrote:

The person I reported hasn’t even been here long enough to speak more than basic essential English. They’re no DACA baby like everyone seems to be assuming for some reason. Also, don’t worry about their family. They’re illegal too.

If you find the photo infuriating, have no fear — I’m pretty sure that shit-eating grin didn’t last long. It wasn’t long till Cory’s name began circulating the Internet, and people were pissed.

I guess it’s no real surprise that Cory ended up being extremely racist, if his Reddit posts have anything to say about it. Though he’s since deleted his account, Babe reported that his past posts included plenty of racist and sexist comments. Sorry, Cory, the whole world knows now.

But it turns out, the consequences go beyond the cyber world. According to a follow-up report from Babe, Cory has since been expelled from school. His principal explained that Cory’s values didn’t line up with the school’s:

“I could not disagree more with the ideas in these posts. They certainly do not represent our school’s culture. GHS is a wonderfully diverse school where students come together and do amazing things. One student does not speak for 1,800 classmates. While this is an extremely unfortunate situation, I hope it will also serve as a learning opportunity for our students.”

Cory, you grew up in the age of the Internet. You should know that everything you say can — and will — be held against you. Let this be a lesson for the next time you want to post something truly awful. TC mark

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