This IRL ‘Parks And Rec’ Couple Got In A Lover’s Spat On Twitter And It’s Hilarious

Youtube / The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Parks and Rec fans might be surprised to know that the actor who plays Ron Swanson isn’t actually that much like, well, Ron Swanson. For one, he has a Twitter. But also, he’s married to the one woman that Ron Swanson won’t go near — Tammy 2.

To be fair, Megan Mullally is (probably) not as psychotic as her Parks and Rec character, but still, it’s pretty crazy to see the two of them together irl. But seeing them interact with each other basically feels like watching a sitcom, and we’re in love with it.

It all started when Megan posted this photo to Twitter with the caption, “vacation is going great!” Naturally, she tagged hubby Nick Offerman to show off all the beautiful views.

Okay, married or not, can you blame a girl? You can’t bypass a photo op that perfect. It’s not allowed.

Nick apparently saw the tweet, too, because he had the perfect response:

Okay, but I’d be a little concerned, too. Let’s just say there are plenty of Parks and Rec references for this moment, and we want to use them ALL.

This couple wins the Internet. Sorry, they just do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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