This Guy’s Little Brother Is Trying To Steal His Girl And It’s Hilarious AF

Unsplash / William Iven and Twitter / @Pinee_Applesss

I don’t care what anyone says — little kids have game. Seriously, I once babysat a little kid who devised an entire scheme to seduce his dad’s ex-girlfriend. The world is full of tiny Romeos who are out to steal your girl.

Twitter user @Pinee_Applesss is learning that the hard way. He probably didn’t think he’d have to worry about someone so young trying to sabotage his relationship, but that was before his little brother asked for his girlfriend’s phone number and started sending her some pretty epic videos.

Okay, but this is brilliant.

Let’s just say that if his girlfriend leaves him for his little brother, we wouldn’t be surprised.

Honestly, no one is safe from this smooth talker (hoverboarder?).

Sorry, guys, but if you don’t have moves like that on a hoverboard, I don’t want you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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