This Girl Didn’t Notice An Embarrassing Detail On Her Insta Story Until Her Crush Hilariously Pointed It Out

Twitter / @lolamaeriley

Our generation is so used to taking pictures of nearly everything (seriously, is there anything I don’t try to capture on camera?) that sometimes we forget what’s actually within the frame. Let’s just say it’s pretty easy to send a photo to somebody without fully realizing what’s in the background, which can lead to some pretty awkward conversations later on.

Twitter user Lolita didn’t think much of it when she added a picture of her laptop to her Instagram story. Honestly, the whole thing looks harmless enough.

Twitter / @lolamaeriley

Except one guy did catch her and it got, uh, kind of awkward.

Twitter / @lolamaeriley

Or maybe really awkward, since he decided to leave her on read.

Twitter / @lolamaeriley

Let’s just say that if Lolita was hoping it’d go anywhere with him, the chances are pretty slim now.

But even though admitting why you put tape over your camera might seem kind of awkward, it’s not completely weird if you ask me. I mean, have you ever watched Black Mirror? There’s an entire episode about this, and it’s terrifying! Better safe than sorry, right?

Lolita is definitely not alone when it comes to her paranoia.

Honestly, if any guy makes you feel like you’re crazy for being worried about your camera, you can do better.

So maybe she’s not going to hear from that guy again. But hey, someday we’ll all meet our perfect conspiracy theory-loving soulmates and interactions like these will never matter again. TC mark

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