This Girl’s BF Found Out She Was Cheating On Him From Her Amazon Echo And Her Friend Tweeted The Whole Wild Story

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Every once in a while you’ll read a story that’ll make you go, “Damn, why is my life so uneventful?” All of you are out there in the midst of the drama and I’m at home eating pizza in my bed. Sometimes I want to trade with you guys, but, well, pizza and bed.

Twitter user @lilcanon is definitely one of those people who have crazy stories worth reading about. The drama is actually unreal. And it all started with Alexa…

Well, she’s not lying — it does get pretty juicy.

Okay but if you’re in that situation why would you say that? Huh, Jared? Huh???

And here’s the first big plot twist of the night:

… and then the next plot twist hits.

Okay, what the fuck? You seriously can’t just end the story there after telling me that your friend was caught cheating on her man while YOU’VE been cheating on YOUR man with your friend. Excuse me, I’m going to need more than this.

And to think, this all started with an Alexa.

Don’t worry, I’m following this story as closely as possible. If the story continues to unfold, there will be more updates to come. TC mark

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