This Girl Thought Her Classmate Was Staring At Her Because He Wanted To Hook Up, But The Real Reason Is So Much Funnier

Honey Buns and a text from a girl from class
Twitter / @foxmccloud82 and Flickr / Amber DeGrace

Dating in the modern age is brutal. You have to worry about technology, mixed signals, and all the weird nuances that go into determining what you really are (let’s just say if you don’t DTR, you could literally be anything). It’s no surprise that a lot of us have no idea what’s going on half the time.

Twitter user , or Wes, is a good example of all the weird dating misunderstandings that happen these days. It all started when a girl from his class decided to text him about a group project.

LMAOOO, okay, that’s awkward, but weirdly understandable? I’ve definitely been in Wes’s situation before. It’s bad enough that the girl seemed to misread the signals, but even worse that she wouldn’t let it go.

It’s about the honey buns, damn it! But she wouldn’t give in, and eventually, Wes just snapped.

Well, we can’t say it’s not relatable.

Honestly, I can’t believe she didn’t offer Wes ANYTHING. Like, not even a bite.

Damn, now I want some honey buns. I think you found yourself a new spokesperson, Little Debbie.

Honey buns > everything and everyone else. Sorry, it’s a way of life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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