This Girl Kissed A Beautiful Stranger On The Eiffel Tower And Now She’s Using Twitter To Try To Find Him

Juliana Corrales and the Eiffel Tower
Twitter / @juju_corrales and Unsplash / Christ Karidis

There’s something so romantic about traveling. Maybe it’s the idea that no one knows who you are and the thrill that you might not see anyone you meet again, but it makes you do crazy things — just ask Twitter user Juliana Corrales.

Juliana lived the dream this past week when she traveled to Paris with some friends. While she was on the Eiffel Tower, she ended up kissing a stranger — and in the heat of the moment, she forgot to ask for his number.

Here’s a bit of the back story where Juliana explains exactly why she kissed the guy:

(Okay, but seriously, that works? Taking notes.)

The Internet immediately fell in love with Juliana’s story, either because they wanted the best for her or because, quite frankly, they wanted to be her.

And because the Internet is full of amateur (who should be professional) sleuths, it found someone found the guy’s contact information real fast (shoutout to his old next door neighbor).

… But unfortunately, the search may have shown that he’s not as single as we may hope.

Luckily, Juliana took the news with grace and asked people not to harass him online.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t hope, right?

Here’s to hoping Gavin hears about Juliana and reaches out to her, because I feel like this could have a fairytale ending — you know, as long as someone makes the first move. Please keep us updated, Juliana! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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