This Girl Decided To Gift Her Sister With The Perfect Tinder Date And The Whole Thing Was Extra AF

The powerpoint of tinder matches this woman made for her sister for CHristmas
Twitter / @Megan_Steffen

The older we get, the harder it is to pick out the perfect gift for our family members — especially when we’re broke af. For a lot of us, that meant getting creative over the holidays this year, which is what this girl did. Hey, I think she succeeded?

Twitter user Meg decided to get her sister the ultimate gift this year: a hot new boyfriend. But to do that, she needed the help of our (least?) favorite app. That’s right, she got on Tinder.

She started by making her sister a profile (and made it VERY clear that she was the one running it and that she wasn’t just looking for anything, but the perfect brother-in-law).

Twitter / @Megan_Steffen

From there, she started messaging the matches to narrow them down.

Twitter / @Megan_Steffen

Also, can you imagine getting on Tinder only to realize your match is just there to interview you for someone else? How daunting is that?

And here’s the icing on the cake: once found the best matches, she made a powerpoint to present to her sister full of profiles of all the potential dates.

Twitter / @Megan_Steffen

Seriously, just look at this.

Twitter / @Megan_Steffen

Okay, so Meg is actually a really great sister. And hey, it kind of worked?

Hopefully we’ll find out more about how the date went, because I’m 100% invested and ready to beg for a wedding invitation if need be. Because seriously, if they get married, this is DEFINITELY the best gift Meg could have ever given them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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