This Fuckboy Wouldn’t Stop Harassing A Woman He Worked With, So She Shut Him Down In The Most Brutal Way

Fuckboy texts a woman he works with and two people work at laptops
Imgur / vadge and Unsplash / helloquence

Why are there so many creepy people in the world? Nothing gets me more weirded out when a stranger gets my number from somewhere and, for some reason, thinks it would be a good idea to start texting me flirtatious things even though they’re a TOTAL STRANGER. Seriously, has it ever occurred to them what a genuinely terrible idea that is?

Apparently not, because if this text conversation from Imgur user vadge says anything, it’s that creepy people seem to think they’re in the right — even though, obviously, they’re far from it.

Imgur / vadge

Omg, my skin is actually crawling from how uncomfortable and cringeworthy that entire conversation was. It’s bad enough that someone legitimately tried to role play meeting a person they were sitting in a room with, with a number they stole off that person’s paperwork, but then they had to go and pull the whole “you’re not even attractive” card, which you know just means the dude doesn’t like that he’s being rejected and wants to do anything he can to shame the girl. Seriously, what a douche.

Here’s to hoping the girl actually did send these screenshots to HR and got his ass fired. How’s that for a reputation, bro? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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