This Couple Ran Into The Pope On A Plane, So They Asked Him To Marry Them Mid-Air

And airplane flying in the sky
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There’s a lot of cool places in the world to get married — so many, in fact, it’s hard to choose where to say “I do.” Destination weddings are huge, and now people are opting to get married in even crazier situations, like underwater while scuba diving or even on a roller coaster. Why not add a plane to the list?

Paula and Carlos hadn’t planned to get married mid-air — in fact, they had wanted to go the normal route when it comes to weddings. But when the church they were supposed to get married in got destroyed, they had to take other options into account.

The couple were working as a steward and stewardess on a plane when they realized they were in the presence of Pope Francis, so they did what anyone would do when they were impatient to finally just get married — they asked if he’d officiate their wedding right then and there. And guess what? He said yes!

The pair said their vows and became the first ever couple married in a  papal airborne wedding ceremony.

The Pope’s memorable words during the ceremony touched others on the flight who were there in attendance.

Man, I wish I could have been on the plane — I would have loved to see that. But I guess there’s a new “Mile High Club” in town, and it’s apparently much more exclusive than the old one. Good luck getting in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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