These First Graders’ Response To Their Teacher’s Riddle Is So Much Deeper Than The Actual Answer

Twitter / @bretjturner and Unsplash / Element5 Digital

Is it just me or are kids getting smarter? When I was six, I could barely tie my shoes, and now first graders are straight up learning calculus. (Okay, maybe not calculus, but you know what I mean.)

So when this elementary school teacher decided to put up a riddle for his students to solve, it’s not surprising that the students did a pretty good job at brainstorming the possibilities.

Twitter / @bretjturner

In fact, the answer they came up with turned out being deeper than, well, the actual answer.

Twitter / @bretjturner

Okay, who has been letting their first graders watch a little too much Black Mirror???

Is it sad that their first thought was something so dark? Or is it just reflective of the times we live in? Either way, I’m totally here for a generation full of mini philosophers. Bring it on, 2018. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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