The Man Who’s Been Haunted By Creepy Child Ghost ‘Dear David’ Just Tweeted A Mysterious New Video

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If you haven’t been following Adam Ellis’s addicting chronicle about being haunted by a creep child ghost named Dear David, you’re going to want to start now. He’s been tweeting the story since August and since then he’s collected a ton of weird videos and photos that’ll make your hair stand on end. Let’s just say that Adam is either a genius for putting together this incredible hoax or he is definitely, 100% going to die.

His posts lately have been sparse, but every now and then he’ll update with something small. Recently, for instance, he noticed something particularly weird about his Instagram story.

The warped photo kinda makes him look a little like Dear David, huh? Adam, though, was trying to play it cool, even though it’s creepy AF.

People speculated that David found a way to mess with his Instagram, though the whole thing does sound a little suspicious. If true, though, it would totally make sense why Adam tweeted out this very random video of his cat freaking out:

Unlike the rest of Adam’s updates, this one came without other tweets or an explanation of what was going on. Which makes us wonder: did Adam tweet it at all?

It didn’t take people very long to start analyzing the video for clues, but we weren’t left with a lot to work with.

Okay, Adam, you gotta stop keeping us in the dark like this. Are you okay? Tweet once for yes, twice for no. TC mark

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