Sex Robots Are Officially Here And The Twitter Memes Are Hilarious

Samantha the sex doll on a morning show
Youtube / This Morning and Twitter / @AmBlujay

It’s official: robots are taking over the world. First there was Sophia the Robot, the first robot citizen of the world (who may or may not have started a Twitter war with Chrissy Teigen, which we all know is the first step toward a REAL war), and now there’s a new kind of humanoid technology that’s being introduced into homes: sex robots.

Samantha the sex robot is being sold in the UK for £3,500 (a little over $4,800 USD) and she’s here to steal your man. Not really. But actually, maybe. Because aside from having a sex setting, Samantha also has a family mode, in which she’ll have full-length conversations about all kinds of things, like fun facts and philosophy, and actually crack jokes. That’s right — according to Mirror, she actually has a brain.

The whole thing is pretty wild, and definitely concerning for some people who believe sex robots are going to further complicate romantic relationships between humans (and also, am I the only one worried about a robot revolution???). But damn, it sure does make for a great meme.

And you all thought sex robots were going to make things LESS complicated.

If you wanted something brainless, you should’ve just stuck with your lowly sex doll.

Sorry, guys, you may be able to turn off your sex robot when it starts getting to clingy, but nothing’s going to save you when you start getting weird, confusing feelings for a computer in a fake body. I can’t wait for all the op-eds and personal essays that are sure to come out of this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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